Our Story

Cara & Dave – A Love Story.

Many people, old friends and new have asked:

How did this begin?
It’s a cute story.

Was it love at first sight?

Where did you meet?

What was your first date?
A Baseball game.

Do you really relive your first date every year?

Did you keep a journal of all your dates for the first few months?
(now those are some nosey friends)
Yes and cute.

How did Dave ever muster the courage to ask Cara out
being so spunky and lovely as she is?
. . . he he . . .

Here’s how it happened…

Cara had returned to Michigan – from many years away – traveling for her career on stage – living in NYC off and on.  But missing family and feeling quite alone – she returned home. Not long after returning she took a temp job at the front desk of a company in Ann Arbor.  Unbeknownst to her, a web designer named Dave was also new to the company.  And had found himself also quite alone. Her first day to work she brought in cookies for the office.  Later that afternoon she received a quiet sarcastic email from one employee, asking that she please send him a personal email to announce that cookies are in the office, as he had not gotten one.  Cara was amused.

That same day she was introduced to everyone working there.  Cara does not recall meeting Dave.  But it is believed that Dave was very interested in this adorable new addition to his work place.  ;)   Over the course of a few months working at this company – personal items were getting shipped to the office for . . . (surprise) Dave.  So she would send him an email and he would politely offer to come down to get the package.  This turned into a daily routine of needing office supplies – boxes of tissue (Cara was certain Dave had sinus issues – who needs that much tissue) – providing an opportunity for friendly chats which turned into lunchtime walks and then occasional rides home.  Until one day Cara asked if Dave wanted to come out for drinks and dinner with a group of people from the office.  And love bloomed from there. . . So maybe Cara asked out Dave – but that was a group date.  Not certain that counts.

From there they had a few more dinners with friends and at the end of August – Dave asked if Cara wanted to go to a baseball game.  She did.  He picked her up – they had a wonderful time – went for pizza after and they have not stopped dating since.  After that first official date they were inseparable and began living together not long after.

OliveAfter about a year and a half of dating Dave asked Cara to have a dinner date.  It was at The Chop House on Main Street in Ann Arbor the eve before Valentine’s Day.  Cara was performing in a show at the time and this was the only night they had free.  Dinner was yummy and beautiful – all the while Dave had a little red gift bag – he said it had dessert in it.  And boy did it.  They left the restaurant and drove to Gallop park – found a quiet spot to have dessert.  Cara opened the bag to find a scrumptious carrot cake (carat cake) cupcake and tied to the top of it was a beautiful diamond ring.  And Cara said YES (she thinks)!!!!  There was so much excitement and tears of happiness and phone calls that later Cara paused to ask if she had indeed answered the question – Dave was not sure.  So she said yes then.

And that catches you up to today – reading how it all began on our wedding website.  Dave & Cara have since moved on from that company in Ann Arbor – he now is working in Birmingham – Cara is back to acting and singing.  They bought a house and a dog – Olive and are still inseparable living together in Royal Oak.  We are blessed to have found each other – best friends and loves.  We complete each others thoughts and help to build each others dreams.  We couldn’t be more excited for the future.  We hope that you have enjoyed our story and will be able to be with us to share in our day of commitment & celebration.


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